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About Our School

​​​​​​Welcome to our K – 12 school.  Situated in the lovely village of Ashcroft, Desert Sands Community School serves the families of several communities in our district, from Spences Bridge to Cache Creek to Pavilion. Each morning, we welcome 280 students, 40% of whom declare Indigenous ancestry.  We are also pleased to see families attending our Strong Start program and to share space with an Early Learning program.

Working with our families and community partners, we focus intently on the academic, social, physical and emotional development of our children. Our goal is that students who graduate from our school feel that we have cared for them, made them feel valued and helped them be prepared for the next level of training or learning that they choose to pursue.  Please look at our school's Action Plan for a more thorough understanding of who we are and what we are working on as a learning community.

There are so many opportunities to come and check out the achievements of our hard-working students and staff:  please join us for special events, performance, athletic competitions and learning conversations – we'd love to see you, and there is very clear research that parental involvement supports student achievement.

Finally, to stay updated, check out our school's facebook page.  We share updates about school events regularly and we look forward to making memories together in the 2017/18 school year.

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