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Principal's Message

 ​​​179141_10151056125093410_1625833843_n.jpgPrincipal's Message 


Dear David Stoddart Community:

           And we are on the last month of this school year! We have a long list of activities lined up: Track and Field, swimming lessons, Land based field trip to the Natural Resource Camp with students from Kumsheen and Desert Sands, a day of outdoor learning at Churn Creek for our grade 4-6's, Aboriginal Day celebrations, and our much awaited "grad" events! Please check the newsletter and website for details on days and times.

In May we had a family-oriented successful "Share our Story" night with our school presentation on our results, and the much enjoyed yearly movie. Last month, students participated in valuable educational field trips such as a day at historic Hat Creek, where new programs were offered and much was learnt and enjoyed. We were privileged to have a local author, Kevin Miller give the 7-9's a workshop on writing techniques, motivating these students to be writing their own stories.  

Our school action plan for learning sets our direction to achieve student success. Copies are available at the school, as well as on our school website. There is a lot of information available to parents/caregivers regarding the updates to the curriculum online. Our hot lunch Program continues to grow, healthy choices are offered so do have a look at the menu! We are very proud of the success of our ASSAI program, which provides Sports and Arts to our students four times a week creating a wonderful environment for after school activities in Clinton. We'd like to thank parents, staff, and students for taking the surveys for the assessment of the program.  

            We encourage parents and caregivers to work with the school through the PAC, during our Open House and learning conversation opportunities, share skills with the school through volunteering, following the newsletter and website updates, celebrate student successes with us, and other related opportunities as they arise. School communications can be found through school newsletters, community newspapers, project fairs to highlight the work of the students, presentations, bulletin board displays in the school, our website, Facebook site, and of course word of mouth. 

As the month of June brings sunnier days and flowers to our corner of the world, let's remember to provide fresh air activities, healthy meals, and family oriented activities. Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable summer!


Carol Pickering