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About Our School
Gold Bridge Community School is a one-room rural school located 106 km south of Lillooet in the community of Gold Bridge in the Bridge River Valley.
Gold Bridge Community School currently enrolls three students, one in Kindergarten, Grades 2 and 5. Two students have registered to begin Kindergarten in September 2015. Student programs are delivered through a combination of classroom instruction, the Arts, hands-on and outdoor learning experiences, guest speaker presentations, and field trips.
Despite its rural location, the school is able to access a variety of resource people including: Public Health Nurse, Speech-Language Pathologist, District Learner Support staff, Dental Health Workers, and Infant Development staff. In 2014-2015, for the third consecutive year, the School is involved with the Coho in the Classroom project in partnership with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Nlakápamux Nation Tribal Council. Students will join other schools at Sekw’el’was Lower Spawning Channels on May 29th for the release of salmon smolts, and related events.
Some challenges of the school are related to its small size and remote location. The low number and multi-age nature of student enrollment restricts peer social opportunities for students and limits student participation in team sports. Therefore, students are visiting George M. Murray Elementary in Lillooet after every spring swim-ming lesson to have lunch, recess, and participate in an afternoon class. As well, students will train in various track and field events and attend the Sports Day at George M. Murray Elementary this year.
While the school population is small, students benefit from the family-like dynamic and low student-to-teacher ratio. The teacher, students and families are able to form highly collaborative relationships. The lack of a gymnasium at the school facility means that most of the physical education program takes place outdoors. Students are able to participate in a variety of unique outdoor experiences including nature walks, cross-country skiing, sliding, and skating.​