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Gold Trail 
School District 74 
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Parents Students Staff Portal Email 400 Hollis Road, PO Box 250, Ashcroft, BC, V0K 1A0| (250) 453-9101
Board of Education

​​​​​​​​​Education in BC is a shared responsibility between the province and the local school districts. Publicly elected school trustees ensure local communities have a strong voice in the ​education of the​​ir children​. To learn more, click here​  Role of the Board of Education​


Trustees can be contacted through email or by calling the District Office at (250) 453-9101

Adrian, Valerie ​Rural Area B​Home: 250.256.0006
Cell: 250.256.8608
​ Contact   
​​Aljam, Donna​Rural Area E​Cell: 250.315.8777


​Casper, Larry​Rural Area A​Home: 250.259.8399
Cell:  250.256.8567
​Ranta, Carmen​Rrual Area D​Home: 250.457.9119
Cell: 250.457.1250
​Rempel, Nancy​Rural Area C​Home: 250.459.2348
Cell: 250.852.3334
Storkan, Orra​District of Lillooet​Home: 250.256.7908
Cell: 250.256.3542
​Trill, Vicky ​Village of Ashcroft​Home: 250.453.2307
Cell: 250.457.7038