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School District 74 
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​​​Cayoosh Elementary 2016-055.jpgCaregiver Involvement​

​School District No. 74 places a very high value on the involvement caregivers have in their children's education. The district recognizes that student success is enhanced by positive working relationships among caregivers, teachers, support staff, principals, district staff, and trustees.


SD74 recognizes that a child may be supported and cared for by individual(s) who extend beyond the traditional definition of a parent. A caregiver is defined as a parent, family member, or designated individual who regularly cares for a child.


SD74 Policy No. 4.120, "Caregiver Engagement", acknowledges and respects the rights of caregivers to be involved in the education of their children and values caregivers' contributions to school communities. It supports and encourages caregiver involvement by creating and maintaining district and school cultures and structures that support meaningful caregiver involvement.

SD74 Policy No. 4.30, "First Nations Parents' Club", recognizes that caregiver involvement in schools can take many forms. SD74 also supports the formation of First Nations Parent Clubs, which are jointly coordinated by the First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) and the First Nations Schools Association (FNSA).

All district schools have, throughout the course of the school year, a wide variety of events that caregivers are encouraged to attend. Parent-teacher nights, student-led conversations, and open houses are a wonderful way for caregivers to meet students' teachers, principals, and other school staff, and discuss how students are progressing. Attending assemblies is a wonderful way to support student achievement and school pride, and other events—lunches, dinners, Elders' teas, concerts, guest speakers, workshops, and much more—are open to caregivers.


Most d​istrict schools also have an active Parent Advisory Council (PAC), which is open to anyone who has a student in the school. PACs do a wonderful job of raising money for a wide variety of special events, such as field trips, as well as items for the school to support student learning, achievement, and good health. Becoming a member of your school's PAC is a great way to support students, and stay connected with everything that's going on at the school.   ​