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School District 74 
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Administration of Medication OP 4.500​

Alert Warnings OP 4.120

Anaphylaxis in Schools OP 4.550

​​Animals in Schools OP 4.360

Automotive Shops Insurance OP 2.600

Blood-Borne Pathogens OP 4.700

Board Authority Authorized Courses OP 3.100

Boarding Assistance OP 5.350

Career and Work Experience Programs OP 3.300

Cellular Phones, Communication and/or Listening Devices; Usage in or on School Property OP 3.250

Child Care OP 5.500

Child Protection OP 4.150

Code of Conduct OP 4.950

Communicating and Reporting on Student Learning: Kindergarten to Grade 9 OP 4.110

Community Coaches OP 3.900

Continuing Education OP 3.150

Custody Access of Children OP 4.300​

Disposal of Property (Assets) OP 2.210

Disposal of Real Property OP 2.220

Distribution of Materials from External Agencies OP 2.300

Donations and Sponsorships OP 2.900

Emergency Response OP 4.100

Emergency School Closure OP 5.000​

Enrolment and Ordinarily Resident OP 3.500

Environmental Practices OP 5.900

Equipment, Furnishings and Maintenance OP 5.800

Extreme Weather OP 6.000

Facilities, Sites and Equipment Use OP 5.700

Hardship OP 4.900

Head Lice in Schools OP 4.650

Health and Safety OP 4.350

Healthy Living - Nutrition and Physical Activity OP 4.400

Heat Events OP 4.130

Hospital Homebound OP 3.600

Impairing Substances in the Workplace OP 6.700

Independent Directed Studies OP 3.000

International Education OP 4.850

Interview of Student by Police Officers OP 4.250

Learning Experience OP 5.100

Learning Resources: Acquisition OP 3.170

Learning Resources: Disposal OP 3.180

Library OP 3.700

Medical Alert OP 4.600

Non-Certified Teachers on Call OP 6.300 

Outside Agency Services in Schools OP 3.190

Parent Advisory Council OP 3.850

Physical Restraint OP 4.200​

Playground Installations OP 5.400

​​Principal's Absence OP 6.200

Prior Learning Assessment Challenge and Equivalency OP 3.400

Privacy Breach OP 2.410

Process for Registering a Concern OP 4.975  

Protection of School District Records OP 2.420

Public Interest Disclosure OP 6.900

Purchasing OP 2.500

Reimbursement of Expenses OP 6.500

Reimbursement of Moving Expenses OP 6.550

Request for Donations OP 2.110

Respectful Workplace OP 6.600

Rule of Three OP 4.340

Safe, Caring and Orderly Schools OP 3.950

School Bus Conduct OP 5.200

School Fees OP 3.160

School Fundraising OP 2.700

School Funds OP 2.800

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity OP 6.100

Smoking and/or Use of Smokeless Tobacco and Vaping Products OP 6.800

Special Education OP 4.800

Student Records OP 2.400

Student Transportation OP 5.300

Technology: Use of Services and Resources OP 3.200

Technology: Social Networking OP 3.220 

Threat and Risk Assessment OP 4.000

Use of Pesticides OP 5.850

Video Surveillance OP 5.600

Violence in the Workplace - Prevention OP 6.400

Volunteers OP 3.800