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About Our School

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โ€‹Serving the town of Clinton and the surrounding rural areas, David Stoddart School is located at the south end of the town. All classes are multi-grade, with a wide range of learners being accommodated within. Students have a number of learning opportunities through direct classroom instruction, connected classrooms, shared learning and distributed learning. The staff have been working to support the social and emotional learning and development of students. The school is supported by a generous Parent Advisory Council that supports curricular and extracurricular learning opportunities and experiences. Early Learning opportunities within the school are found in the Strong Start Centre. Our school population consists of approximately 80 students, with approximately 45% students having Indigenous ancestry. The four local bands are High Bar, Whispering Pines, Bonaparte and Canoe Creek of the Secwepemc nation. An Aboriginal Student Support Worker supports staff with the integration of the local Indigenous culture and for students to be successful at school. 

Due to COVID restrictions many of the things listed below cannot take place, but will resume once COVID is behind us. Despite the small student population, staff at the school ensure that students have many diverse opportunities such as competitive sports teams, and field trips. The school plays a vital role in the community and is a hub for school sports teams, community clubs and organizations. Community groups use the facilities regularly, such as the Pentecostal Church which offers Kids Night. In addition, local organizations rent the school for various functions. Our secondary students frequently earn volunteer hours by working with local service clubs. Events held at our facility include the Annual Seniors Christmas Banquet, Volunteer Teas and various cultural events creating ties with the community. Visitors feel welcome and frequently comment on our friendly atmosphere. โ€‹