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About Our School

Gold Bridge Community School is a multi–age, one room school located in the Bridge River Valley. It is approximately 106 km west of Lillooet.

In our 2023-2024 school year we have three students enrolled.

With the school's semi-remote location, the students are able to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor and experiential learning opportunities, as well as flexibility throughout the school day that lends to inquiry based learning. From a place-based perspective, students explore and discover the impact of historical events on local Indigenous culture and history, and population fluctuations linked to resource- based economy (mining, logging, hydro-electric power).

One strength of this multi-grade classroom is that positive and successful learner traits are shared amongst the students.  Students are proud of doing their personal best in their work and readily share and celebrate one another's accomplishments with each other and their classroom teacher.

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